Mark Schindler
XHTML, CSS, Javascript & Design


I build websites using XHTML, CSS, jQuery and Photoshop. I am proficient at transforming Photoshop mockups into live websites, especially when they reside in a CMS (Wordpress, Blogger, Shopify, etc).

Design Practices:

In an effort to help users, developers and Google, I use the following best practices:

  • Hand coded, semantic HTML/CSS
  • Table-less design
  • Minimal use of divs
  • Well commented HTML/CSS
  • Javascript/jQuery enhancements which gracefully degrade
  • Modular CSS
  • Image sprites where possible
  • Separation of code/content

My current residence is in the Seattle, Washington. Photography from backpacking trips in Washington and my 7 years in Portland, Oregon can be seen on this site and on Flickr.

Feel free to Contact me if you want to discuss a project, design standards, or tips on buying the best backpacking stove.

Thanks for visiting.